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My story begins with a love of drawing, the sensory pleasures of using charcoal or paint, making marks, erasing, scraping and building textured layers. My work on paper and my paintings, are always rooted in nature. Painting with oils, wax, charcoals or marble dust, pairing a dusty soft charcoal line against a glossy brushstroke, or perhaps a pop of fluorescent colour. My work with the ancient technique of encaustic wax leads me to pure abstraction, creating my own palette of colours from pigment, carnauba and beeswax. Painting with the quick drying, hot liquid wax is thrilling, playing with translucency, the incredibly tactile surfaces, my studio filled with a heady scent of honeyed oil paint. For my own pleasure and for the discipline, I also enjoy drawing the figure, capturing the simplicity and flow of the body.