“I have been studying the changing landscapes, the sketched lines on the sand, cloud movements and the tidal shift; trying to tell that story and bringing that energy into my paintings.”

My story begins with a love of drawing..

...the sensory pleasures of using charcoal or paint, making marks, erasing, scraping, and building textured layers. My work on paper and my paintings are always rooted in nature. Painting with oils, wax, charcoals, or marble dust, pairing a dusty soft charcoal line against a glossy brushstroke, or perhaps a pop of fluorescent colour. 

I have travelled the traditional route of art school training and exhibiting with prestigious galleries and I'm now also enjoying running my own gallery and studio, with the freedom and experience to push my own boundaries and explore new ideas.  I love meeting new people at my studio and sharing my love of art. It brings me great pleasure when people fall in love with my work, enough to want to take it home and enjoy it for years to come - thank you.

For those who want the details, here is my full biography & exhibition list or you can visit my archive gallery to see a selection of sold paintings. Thanks for your interest.

Alison in front of palette of colours

Painting 'Beachwalk' in lockdown studio