A whole day painting with heaps of tuition

If you want some fresh ideas and a boost to your confidence in painting, come and enjoy one of my face-to-face workshops. Everyone gains so much by working alongside other friendly and supportive artists, of all abilities. All workshops start with a demo and come with heaps of tuition and enthusiasm. The materials list will be sent out in advance, with easels and boards provided. With limited numbers, workshops do get booked quickly; Join the mailing list to be notified in advance of new dates (see below).
I hope you can join us!

group of students painting in workshop

I teach a small number of workshops in the historic Farnham Pottery, where there is plenty of space, light, and ventilation, plus a lovely cafe on site where we can all relax for lunch or you can bring your own.  Places are limited to enable me to give you plenty of individual attention on the day.
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Historic Farnham Pottery building

‘Unlocking the Abstract’ workshop

Thursday 26th May - BOOK A PLACE
One day workshop, 10 am – 4 pm, £85 per person

Learn to free up your painting style by exploring exciting abstract painting techniques through a series of exploratory studies and exercises on paper. This will help you to simplify your work, whilst improving your understanding of mark-making, layering, tone, and composition. You can use the workshop as a chance to purely experiment and/or work towards creating an abstract painting using acrylics, mixed media, and collage. A day to explore abstract concepts and ideas, loosen up your painting style and have a go at painting in an abstract style. 

Blue and yellow abstract painting
Sunny beach painting

‘Simplifying Seascapes’ workshop

Thursday 7th April - FULLY BOOKED
One day workshop, 10 am – 4 pm, £85 per person.

Create a striking gestural seascape painting using acrylics. A ‘back to basics’ workshop aimed at beginners. Discover how to set up your palette and simplify your colour mixing. Explore how to use expressive brushmarks to add movement and how to create effective compositions. Enjoy the process and get excited about all the possibilities of painting with acrylics, without fear. This simplified approach to painting the seascape breaks down all the elements of the painting process in a relaxed way. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to mix a limited colour palette and create exciting new compositions. 

Daubs of yellow brushmarks on impressionist landscapepainting

‘Unleashing your brushstrokes’ workshop

Thursday 28th April - FULLY BOOKED
One day workshop, 10 am – 4 pm, £85 per person.

Free your ideas, learn new painting techniques, and loosen up. Focusing on brushwork, application of paint, and colour, with reference to the impressionists and abstract expressionists. Create a painting with life and vitality, inspired by nature and light, seascape or landscape. This will help you to simplify your composition, whilst improving your understanding of mark-making, layering, tone, and colour, using acrylics and mixed media. You may choose to produce something more abstract or more impressionist, but the focus is on creating gorgeous layered brushstrokes.

I run drawing, painting and mixed media workshops for all abilities, with relaxed teaching and a friendly atmosphere, helping you to push your limits and explore your creativity. I am available to run occasional workshops for schools, art societies, galleries and corporate clients.

I am a qualified educator for Golden Paints and Silver Brush and I can share many new ideas and techniques for painting, using Acrylics, oils, ink and mixed media. Tried and tested methods, from an enthusiastic working artist. 
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art class

Examples of Workshops

‘Daily Painting Practice’ workshop,
Learn the artist’s habit of creating art on paper for daily practice, for pleasure and to develop ideas for paintings. Learn to paint from photos or life, using a range of simple materials and techniques, to free up your ideas and take away any pressure. Acrylics, mixed media and collage. 

‘Gestural Seascape Painting’ workshop
Let go of detail and paint using gestural and expressive marks. Working on a larger scale and understanding how to simplify your composition to create an expressive representation of the seascape. Acrylics & mixed media.

‘Painting Nature’ workshop, with Acrylics, Textures & Glazes.
This workshop will give you a greater understanding of the advantages of using different textures, pastes, gels and fluids with your acrylics, or adding found mixed media. Create an exciting landscape or seascape painting with impasto areas or transparent glazed colour and experiment with new materials and techniques.

‘Collaged Acrylic Landscapes’ workshop,
A dynamic approach to painting the landscape, incorporating painted collage, whilst working to improve mark-making, colour and composition. Great for all abilities, to help you develop a painting with expressive brush marks and exciting composition.

‘Unlocking the Abstract’ workshop,
Learn to free up your painting using process-led abstract ideas. This will help you to create an exciting abstract painting, and improve your understanding of mark-making, tone and composition, using acrylics, mixed media and collage.

Please email if you are interested in organising a workshop, for more information or to be added to a waiting list. [email protected]

Some of the lovely feedback I receive from my workshops..."I had the most amazing day yesterday - I can't remember anything so enjoyable for a long time. Thank you for all your guidance and patience." 

"Just to say thank you for yet another inspirational workshop.  I always leave your wonderful classes buzzing with ideas and determined to follow all the good advice you give us and all the fun things that can be done. You have a wonderful way of illustrating and showing us “how-to” that inspires us all. Looking forward to the next one."

"Thank you for the wonderful art classes recently, I have really enjoyed them and have continued to learn more on each session."